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Who is Souris Verte?


In the countryside not far away, a tiny mouse, rolled into a ball, opens its eyes for the first time. When you look at it, it looks like any other mouse, gray with small round ears. But if you look at it closely, it’s different and that’s why it’s exceptional. Oh, look at it ! It stretches !  Can you see its diamond-shaped birthmark on its belly, its little tail and the inside of its ears? It’s green! Its name had to be Souris Verte!


The years go by, sometimes as fast as the hare, other times as slow as the tortoise, and Souris Verte grows. Creative and lover of the outdoors, it enjoys inventing games in the fields and woods, with its friends. Every opportunity is good to play outside, isn’t it?


Why is it so exceptional? Souris Verte has a sparkling heart like the green diamond on its belly. Hence, it does not like seeing its friends sick or hurt. Therefore, one autumn day, when the leaves were multicolored and cracked under the feet, Souris Verte learned that one of its friends could not come to play because she had too much of a sore throat. It was at this moment, when the sun warmed its little nose and the fresh wind tickled its ears, that Souris Verte decided to prepare a remedy with what it found best in nature, two different flowers of echinaceae it had picked, and would help her friend fight her nasty virus. Mission accomplished!


Being encouraged by its friends, Souris Verte continued to create many herbal recipes in different vials and various colorful small pots which will become, among others, the green cream to cure small booboos, the white cream for small sore buttocks, tiny and powerful drops for various ailments, and its famous poush-poush which clears small and large noses. This one is so effective that it even repels bedtime monsters!


When it’s not in its workshop to create new potions, it’s playing in the fields.  Keep an open eye because you just might come across it while walking in the woods.


How about you?  What is your super talent?


Do you have something special that makes you an Exceptional Mouse?

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  • Size
    Height : 30 cm. With ears : 33 cm
    Width (head) : 24 cm
  • Made in Québec


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