Who are we?

Souris Verte is the fifth baby of Jean-Pierre and Marceline, a couple of entrepreneurs wishing to provide for the four eldest what every parent wants: the best for his children.

It is in this spirit that Souris Verte was developed more than a decade ago, a range of care and hygiene products made from organic plants adapted to the small moments of every day life to pamper (or treat)  yourself, babies, children and moms naturally. We greatly believe in the benefits provided by personal care for the well-being, vitality and overall health of children. In addition to providing comfort, soothing and relieving, depending on the case, they strengthen the bonds with our children. Small daily cares we give them are opportunities to be in touch, to reassure them and to express our love.

All our organic products have no dye, no synthetic fragrance and oil derivatives. In addition, many products are also recognized by Health Canada and have their own NPN ensuring the best possible quality and compliance with the most stringent industry standards.

Souris Verte is dedicated to parents concerned about product quality and who wish, through their purchases, to encourage responsible culture and local Souris Verte is a Quebec company that has offered, for over 20 years, care and hygiene products made from plants from organic farming to pamper (or cure) babies, children and mothers naturally .

Many of our products are approved by Health Canada and are now therefore a licensee of natural health products (NPN). In addition, the majority of our products are also certified or checked by OCQV. By complying with Health Canada NPN standards as well as the biological norm, Souris Verte guarantees high-end products that stand out for the best quality in the industry for the care of babies, children and mothers.

Thanks to the efforts made, we can now find our products in specialized shops for children, biological and ecological shops and several pharmacies in Quebec. In 2016 Souris Verte continues its development and now aims the rest of Canada. Souris Verte’s whole team is proud to work with partners to provide our children with quality products made in Quebec. Souris Verte is characterized by its dynamism, its modern approach, its heightened sense of the needs of its customers, partners, allies, suppliers, professional references and other stakeholders as well as its continued willingness to offer products of the highest quality.

In fact, Souris Verte is a respected and recognized name for the quality of its products and a full range which perfectly meets the needs of its customers. Therefore, Souris Verte aims to constantly maintain and develop with customers, partners, allies, suppliers, professional references and other stakeholders that quality of character, skills and expertise.

Souris Verte’s primary objective is to offer a personalized service of the highest quality (education, training, support, etc.) in order to provide the best tools and the best practices of the industry to its extensive customer base. Souris Verte favours a human approach based on values such as respect, trust, complementarity, reciprocity, innovative thinking, teamwork and performance.

For over a decade, Souris Verte has helped clients and distributors to grow by offering products that meet their criteria of satisfaction and excellence. With this expertise, Souris Verte has developed the best practices by ensuring to meet (and even exceed) the standards and requirements of the industry.

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